Community and sport life

Community life is a fundamental dimension for the success of the training. The school contributes by offering material conditions that allow engineering students to promote their personal development. Involvement in community life allows students to take responsibility and be independent which is regarded as excellent preparation for corporate life.

Community life is very rich at HEI : with more than 90 associations to share hobbies which include culture, sport, humanitarian pursuits, games, business set-ups and technical interests.

The BDE (student office)

The BDE composed of 4 poles :

Arts office (photography, music, theatre, cooking, plastic arts, cinema, beerology, oenology, film, etc.)

Solidarity (humanitarian associations, social openness, etc.)

Events and services (games, evenings, travel, integration, welcoming new students, radio, etc.

Business and technology (entrepreneurship club, investors’ club, business forums, solar-powered cars, conferences, etc. )

The BDS (sports office)

The BDS offers the option of doing more than 40 sports :

Team sports  : football, volleyball, basketball, rugby, handball, futsal, hockey, etc.

Water sports : rowing, swimming, water polo, sailing, cruising, kite surfing, etc.

Combat sports : fencing, judo, kick-boxing, etc.

Individual sports : badminton, archery, tennis, athletics, dance, horse-riding, rock climbing, weight training, golf, squash, etc.