Our departments

Chemistry, textiles and innovative process

“Chemistry, textiles and innovative process concerns the areas “Chemistry” and “TIMTEX” (technology, innovation and international management textiles).   The studies are organized around know-how, particularly in pharmaco-chemistry (cancer research), in green chemistry, in fundamental chemistry, in materials engineering, textile finishing, colorimetry, etc.

Civil and mechanical construction

“Civil and mechanical construction” covers the fields “Building, planning, architecture”, “construction” and “Mechanical design”.   Its areas of expertise include, among others, numerical modelling structures / soil-structure interaction / geo-materials, experimentation, the characterization and management of thermal exchanges, as well as mathematical modelling (predictive methods), analytical developments, numerical modelling, materials characterization, and fatigue.

Organization, management and informatics

Organization, management and informatics” concerns the fields “Computer and information technology”, “Business organization and management” and ” Banking Finance and Insurance”. The department develops expertise in terms of innovation and creativity at the service of companies, an entrepreneurial approach to technology and innovative enterprise, as well as know-how in software development and in a mock-up system and network.

Energies, electricity and automatic

The department “Energies, electricity and automatic”concerns the fields “Medical engineering and health” and “Electrical and automated energy systems”.   Its fields of expertise include energy (production, safety of electrical systems, storage, photovoltaic, wind etc.), on-board electrical networks, automatic, signal processing, etc.


The Mechatronics department is located at the HEI Centre campus.  It controls the professional development area of ” Mechatronics, transport engineering and processes”.  Mechatronics is a disciplinary field which puts mechanics, electronics, automatic and informatics in synergy.