The campuses

The HEI registered office is located in Lille, at 13 rue de Toul. The school has two campuses to house its teaching, research and business transfer activities.

HEI Lille campus

In the heart of the Vauban district in the city centre of Lille, HEI is located in the heart of the exceptional site of the Catholic University of Lille. 13 rue de Toul is the historic site of the school. It is home to the educational activities of the engineering programme (classrooms, teaching laboratories, amphitheatres etc.) for nearly 1300 students.

Since 2009, the HEI preparatory classes (more than 700 students) have been held in the Irène-Devos building at 31 ter rue Colbert, a new residence overlooking the city, 800 m from the historic building. The 5000 m² building which was refurbished in 2009 offers a pleasant and good quality working environment featuring the latest ICT equipment. The practical work rooms and some departments are still at 13 rue de Toul, in the historic building, to keep the essential spirit of school alive through the integrated preparatory class.
HEI has access to new areas in a building in rue Roland : redesigned, it is home to the HEI researcher laboratories. Grouping them under the same roof in this research building encourages the crossover of their expertise and their work.

Student residences are located nearby (residence Saint-Omer, opposite the historic building) and the residence Saint-Joseph in rue Colson). The premises are dedicated to community life.

Introduction to Lille

Lille, pleasant dynamic and young, offers the benefits of a great metropolis, and is renowned for its welcoming environment and is positioned as one of the indisputable cultural capitals of Northern Europe.

The Nord Pas-de-Calais is a European region less than 250 miles from 3 major capitals (Paris, London and Brussels), with one of the densest multi-modal infrastructures in Europe, it is the second biggest region after the Ile-de-France by being home to foreign firms and industrial expertise on an international scale.

The Nord-Pas de Calais is the youngest and most highly populated region of France. Lille is the biggest and the most thriving city offering a dynamic business environment.  Lille hosts a large number of world leading companies in retail and mail, and attracts the most foreign investment. Second in Insurance, third in Finance, we have highly developed Textile, Automotive and Export Industries.

Lille centres 6 Economic Competitive Clusters :  Rail Industry (I-Tran) – Nutrition, Health, Longevity – Trade  – Domectics (MAUD) – Textiles(Up-Tex) – Environmental Materials (TEAM)

The 15th largest European metropolis with 2.2 million inhabitants, European Capital of Culture 2004, Lille is at the bustling epicentre of Europe, housing 100 million people within a 3OO km radius, encompassing 5 major European Cities: Paris, London, Brussels, Amsterdam and Cologne, all less than 2 hours by rapid train.

HEI campus Centre

The HEI Centre campus is located in Châteauroux, near the university centre. To set up HEI Centre campus the CCI of the Indre and HEI chose a former jewel of the textile industry : Balsan manufacture. The site is now fully refurbished to house the activities of HEI. Offering exceptional facilities enabling very good welcoming conditions for training and R&D activities (mechatronics laboratory).

In the heart of Europe and in the centre of France, Châteauroux is located in the Centre region and is the capital city of the department of Indre. The development and the restructuring of the city make Châteauroux a city with an outstanding natural setting and a recognized quality of life.

The area enjoys a diversified industrial fabric with the presence of important sectors, such as aerospace, automotive, agri-foodstuffs, cosmetics production, etc.