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  • Contest Puissance 11, enter HEI after your final year of high school

How does it work ?

The contest Puissance 11 brings together several post-baccalaureate engineering schools. The selection is made based on the student’s academic record and written tests. After a few clicks, 2000 places are proposed at 12 schools. Through this contest, you can increase your chances of entering a post-baccalaureate engineering school.

– The electronic school record is common to all schools in the contest.

– The candidates take 3 written tests in the form of QCM : mathematics, physics-chemistry and english.

The grades awarded in the contest will count for all schools.

In order to classify the candidates, the panel for the contest Puissance 11 meets and takes into account both of the school records and the grades of the written tests.

The contest Puissance 11 provides an applicant guide to help you in your efforts:

How do you enrol ?

Registrations are submitted via the post-baccalaureate admissions portal from 20 January to 20 March 2016.

Choose the heading “formations d’ingénieurs” and then look for HEI by entering your chosen search criterion (academy, region, department, town, etc.).

The registration fee is €130 for the 12 schools and is free for scholarship students.


  • Preparatory class of the Lasalle High School in Lille

In addition to the contest Puissance 11, students can enrol at the website Admission Post Bac website in the category “CPGE”, and then search for “Lasalle Lille High School” by entering your chosen search (academy, region, department, town, etc.).

Warning, this enrolment concerning 48 spaces requires respect for certain criteria, we strongly recommend that the students possibly concerned by this admission path validate their entry to the contest Puissance 11 under the heading “Formations d’ingénieurs” (“Training courses for engineers”)and then ask for confirmation from the school of the eligibility criteria under the heading “Lasalle Lille High School”.


  • Associated preparatory classes 

HEI suggests you join the preparatory classes for the grandes ecoles in establishments identified as partners of HEI. These partnerships are sometimes attached to other schools of the FESIC network.

The students of the CPGE of these schools will announce their desire to continue their studies at HEI at the start of their programmes.

Their results will be taken into account as part of on-going control.

CPGE partners :

St Charles High School (in Orléans, in le Loiret). This prep class is one of the possible choices within the contest Puissance 11 “HEI ISEN ISEP Orleans”. Discover the St Charle’s website

Jean XXIII High School (in Metz, in Moselle), benefiting from a European pathway and its close proximity to Germany.  This prep class is one of the possible choices within the contest Puissance 11. Discover the Jean XXIII’s website

Notre Dame-de-Grâce High School (in Maubeuge, in Nord), including an approach focussed on eco-energy and the subject of Energy Housing Environment. To enrol on this prep class, select the category “CPGE” on and check “Notre Dame de Grâce High School. Discover the Notre Dame de Grâce’s website

Saint Joseph High School (in Avignon in the Vaucluse).  This prep class is part of the possible choices within the contest Puissance 11 Discover the St Jo Avignon’s website

Sainte Marie de Hann Programme (in Dakar, Senegal), aimed at integrating Senegalese students. Discover the Maristes’s website

Saint Joseph Pierre Rouge High school (Montpellier)

Saint-Denis High school (Annonay, Ardèche)

Sainte-Marie Grand Lebrun High school (Bordeaux)

Saint-François d’Assise High school (La Roche sur Yon)



FESIC Prep Contest

The FESIC contest allows you to submit your application to 13 schools. Registrations are made at SCEI contest’s website

The students on the MP, PC and PSI course will take the E3a test bank while students from the PT course will take the PT test bank.

Dates to remember

► 6 December 2015 to 6 January 2016 : online registration at SCEI contest’s website, select “FESIC Prep contest”

► E3a written tests from 9 to 12 May 2016, PT written tests from 2 to 12 May 2016

► E3a eligibility 18 June, PT eligibility 11 June 2016

► Interviews in June/July 2016

► Deadline for confirmation of choices 18 July 2016 at midnight

► First admission offer on 28 July 2016 at 2 pm

Cost of the contest :

E3a test bank : fixed registration fee of €75 (free for scholarship students) + €50 for registration to the 13 schools (€25 for the scholarship students).

PT test bank : €50 for registration to the 11 schools (€25 for the scholarship students).

Excluding foreign French schools

For admission to HEI 1

The students in the final scientific year of high school or those in the first or second years of a degree course whose bachelor’s degree does not depend on the French educational system can apply to all FESIC engineering schools but according to the different enrolment procedures.

Enrolments can only be carried out at


Admissions on qualifications

Applications to HEI 2, HEI 3 or HEI 4: recruitment based on record and oral interview

If the applicant is eligible after a review of their record, personality and personal motivation interviews (2* 20 mins). The interviews will be held in late June/early July. The admission results are announced in mid-July.

More information: Site campus France


N+i Program

Students holding a Bachelor’s degree (Btech, Beng, Bsc) or an equivalent degree, are awarded a “Diplôme d’Ingénieur”, accredited by the national committee of engineering degrees (CTI).

Duration of studies : 2 years

Tuition fees for  2016-2017 : €10 000 for each year

For more information on this programme, on admission and selection process, please visit the following website :

Double degree

HEI has also signed agreements in order to enable students to perform a diploma stay abroad.

Canada : University of Québec Chicoutimi (2 graduates), University of Québec/Ecole de technologie supérieure (1 graduate).

Spain : Comillas Pontifical University, ICAI Madrid (3 graduates)

Australia : University of Wollongong (3 graduates), Griffith University (1 graduate)