International corporate relations

HEI – companies : International collaborations

To develop projects or the positioning of international collaborators, HEI offers companies 2 collaborative courses dedicated to International affairs. This collaboration aims to increase and facilitate exchanges between the school and companies who want to be able to detect and put in place specific resources on an international level.

Recruitment and collaboration with international HEI students

Objectives for the company : identify talented people among the HEI students for future international collaborators positioning

Possible actions with HEI :

  • Presentation of the company and of its international jobs to HEI students (forums, conferences, speed-meeting HR, etc.)
  • Priority dissemination of apprenticeships (3 to 9 months) or international projects proposed.
  • Organization within the school of a meeting with the HEI candidates process for the apprenticeships offered.
  • Dissemination of CVs – Students internationally.
  • Dissemination of international job offers and VIEs through the network of HEI engineers and students from the previous year.

Recruitment and collaboration on an international level with HEI and foreign students

Objectives for the company : to facilitate the identification of a foreign student and the positioning of a future collaborator, optimize his/her company integration stage; facilitate his/her discovery of French culture.

Possible actions with HEI :

  • Participate in the selection process of a foreign student from our foreign university partners for a defined programme over 3 to 12 months at HEI with a personalized course according to research speciality + French language lessons + extra-cultural activities (nearly 100 universities and HEI partner institutions throughout the world).   This academic trip can be complemented by a company apprenticeship.
  • Propose a business project (Eleven Week Project HEI) geared towards international business and intended for a joint team of HEI students and foreign students : business project over 11 weeks full-time and as a team, carried out at HEI or in a company and supervised by teachers/researchers from the school, with direct links to the sponsoring company. Download brochure : Eleven Week Project_english
  • Suggest a technical and scientific training course with French lessons and discovery of French culture at HEI to a collaborator at a foreign company.