HEI research centres

The research activity is organised around 3 skills research centres

  • Electrical Research – Smart Transport (director : C. SAUDEMONT)
  • Innovative Materials (director : D.DUPONT)
  • Processes, Sustainable Chemistry and Health (director : A.GHINET)

On 1 January 2013, HEI, ISA and ISEN merged to form the HEI-ISA-ISEN Group, a unique association of independent schools. Inter-school research activities are being developed in the HEI-ISA-ISEN Group :

  • Green chemistry (HEI-ISA)
  • ICT and Ubiquity (HEI-ISEN)
  • Codesign and Collective Intelligence (HEI ISA ISEN)
  • Functional Materials (HEI-ISEN)
  • Environment Habitat Energies (EHE) (HEI-ISA-ISEN)

Overview of research organisation at HEI

  • All researchers and their research themes must be part of a certified research laboratory.
  • The skills research centres structure research at HEI and its environment, and must bring greater exposure to this research.
  • The research activity takes place in the HEI departments.
  • The research directors set out the organisation of research at HEI, lead the strategic axes of development and guarantee global administrative monitoring in relation to the administrative, financial and human resources departments.
  • The research board makes recommendations to foster progress, provides credibility and wider awareness of research work, and carries out tasks of synthesis, future projections and communication. It is not responsible for assessing the research activities, which is carried out during the assessment of the certified laboratories, but provides the viewpoints needed by advisory bodies.

Introducing the research centres

Processes, Sustainable chemistry and Health

Electric Networks - Smart Transport

Innovative Materials


Inter-university HEI ISA ISEN Group