Research training

through research

The link between training and research can be broken down into several items :

  • Research training
  • Training through research
  • Expertise and experience of the teaching body
  • Direct awareness-raising actions regarding research and its methods
  • Development and transfer of the expertise achieved in research towards pedagogical tools (books, e-learning, etc.) and new training courses.
  • Research activities on creativity and innovation processes

Research training

Research training is conducted by the contribution to supervising doctoral and post-doctoral theses. Each year, approximately 25 doctoral students are supervised or co-supervised by researchers from the school, and a dozen post-doctoral students.


End of studies projects called “Eleven-Week Projects” allow student projects to be developed with research. Approximately 10% of the students do a research-related project or apprenticeship.

Each year, a few students in 5th year follow a research Master’s, in parallel with their studies. In 2012-2013, five students followed an M2 course (chemistry, processes, electricity, automation). HEI also caters for students on research apprenticeships from other training programmes in France or abroad.

The creation of Innovation Workshops and CO-DEsign (ADICODE, winner of the IDEFI call for projects) provides the means to work in multidisciplinary teams and to further strengthen the link between research and training.


Pedagogical development

– Publication of a book in French and English on “The production of electricity from renewable sources”. See the Publications page.

– Development of the Renewable Energy part of an e-learning site in the context of a European project between 2003 and 2005 (with the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium, the University of Craiova in Romania and the Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon). Since 2012, this site has been hosted at HEI:

– HEI is involved in the specialist Master’s degree “Technologies of hybrid systems for the production of electricity and heat” (SYSPEC) organized by the ParisTech Arts and Crafts and co-accredited by the Central School of Lille and HEI. See the Master’s page.

– HEI is a partner of the European Interreg project IVa i-MOCCA “Interregional Mobility and Competence Centres in Automation”. i-MOCCA offers high-level courses, practical work workshops and demonstration benches in the areas of “industrial data communication” and “embedded systems”. Completely free, the demonstrations are designed for engineers and future engineers in the industry and design studios. The project is part of lifelong learning and offers innovative applications which use advanced technologies. i-MOCCA also facilitates innovation, research and collaboration between universities, the world of knowledge and companies (