student life

Well-Rounded Individuals

Thanks to its central, urban campus, HEI provides a robust and enriching student life experience. Through student associations and a dynamic hometown, HEI students learn and live in a safe, friendly, vibrant, and rewarding environment.



Community life is a fundamental dimension for the success of an HEI education. HEI encourages all students to get involved and contributes by offering material conditions that allow engineering students to promote their personal development. Involvement in community life allows students to take responsibility and be independent, excellent preparation for corporate life.

Community life is very rich at HEI: with more than 60 associations to share hobbies which include culture, sport, humanitarian pursuits, games, business set-ups and technical interests.

The BDE (student office) composed of 4 branches:

  1. Arts office (photography, music, theatre, cooking, plastic arts, cinema, beerology, oenology, film, etc.) ;
  2. Solidarity (humanitarian associations, social openness, etc.) ;
  3. Events and services (games, evenings, travel, integration, welcoming new students, radio, etc.) ;
  4. Business and technology (entrepreneurship club, investors’ club, business forums, solar-powered cars, conferences, etc. )



The BDS (sports office) offers the option of doing more than 40 sports :

  • Team sports (football, volleyball, basketball, rugby, handball, futsal, hockey, etc.
  • Water sports: rowing, swimming, water polo, sailing, cruising, kite surfing, etc.
  • Combat sports: fencing, judo, kick-boxing, etc.
  • Individual sports: badminton, archery, tennis, athletics, dance, horse-riding, rock climbing, weight training, golf, squash, etc.


The aim is to create a bridge between international students. It also aims at making the start at HEI and in a new town easier for international students. It helps students by providing a variety of services. They organise parties, sightseeing trips, tasting of regional specialties …

Moreover, you will be attributed a buddy who will initiate contact prior to your arrival and answer your questions. Your buddy will pick you up at the train station and help you settle in your new environment.


Living in Lille

Lille, our dynamic and vibrant city in the North of France, offers many of the benefits of a capital city, without the complications. Lille is renowned for its welcoming environment and it is proud to be one of the cultural capitals of Northern Europe, and was European Capital of Culture 2004.

Lille is located less than 250 miles from 3 major capitals (Paris, London and Brussels) in the ‘Hauts de France’ region, which is the youngest and most highly populated region of France. Lille is its largest city and regional capital, offering a dynamic business and tech environment. With one of the densest multi-modal infrastructures in Europe, the ‘Hauts de France’ region is the second biggest region after the Paris region for foreign companies and industrial expertise on an international scale.

Lille’s metropolis hosts a large number of world leading companies in retail and mail-order services, and attracts important amounts of foreign investment. Second in Insurance, third in Finance, we also have highly developed Textile, Automotive and Export Industries, and 6 Economic Competitive Clusters: Rail Industry (I-Tran) – Nutrition, Health, Longevity –Trade – Domestics (MAUD) – Textiles (Up-Tex) – Environmental Materials (TEAM).